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FSO210 Psychrometrics(FSO_210)


Part 6 of a sixteen-part Fan Systems Optimization course:
This course is intended for industrial or commercial maintenance, operation, and engineering professionals who require or desire an intermediate to advanced understanding of psychrometrics as it relates to fan systems.
Psychrometrics is a field of engineering that analyzes the thermodynamics of mixtures of air and water vapor. In this course, we will determine the density of the gas, as an important factor in the analysis of fan systems.
Learning objectives:
* Calculate air density;
* Analyze density at non-standard conditions;
* Read the relations between temperature, humidity, and dew-point on a psychometric chart;
* Use FSAT software to calculate psychometric properties.
Includes pdf reference files for download: *** pages
Run-Time: 25 minutes
Quizzes and activities: 30-60 minutes
Estimated course completion time: 1-2 hours
Days available to complete: 30 days
System requirements:
Course cost: $79
(15-Part Motor Bundle available for $49)
Free introductory fans course from US Department of Energy is helpful but not required for this course. (free course: copy and paste this link and complete course )

  • Psychrometrics
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