Fans & Blowers

Step one: Estimate operating costs
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Step two: Review optimization checklists
Identify potential opportunities for efficiency improvement using the optimization checklists below.

Optimization Checklists

  • Fans that have been reassembled incorrectly
  • Fans with abrupt turns at the outlet or inlet
  • Fans with the wrong blade shape
  • Fan systems with bypass control
  • Fans/Blowers that are running backwards
  • Fans/Blowers that limit production quality or quantity
  • Fans/Blowers that are unreliable
  • Fans/Blowers controlled by inlet dampers
  • Fan/Blower systems controlled by discharge dampers
  • Fans/Blowers that overload unless they are throttled
  • Blowers that are running backwards
  • Blowers that have vibration or alignment problems
  • Blowers that run continuously, but do not need to
  • Blowers that are mismatched to the load

  • Interchange two wires, and boost fan performance 50%
  • Adjusting Inlet cone spacing properly can save 5-20%
  • Have someone with the proper equipment diagnose the problem save 5%
  • Fan & Blower Systems can and should be problem free. Find and fix the root problem.
  • Designs that avoid abrupt turns can reduce energy use 20-30%
  • Designs that can't be shut off waste money when they are running but not needed
  • Downtime costs you money and credibility. Fix the problem instead of accepting it.
  • Use a more efficient blade shape. Save 10-30%
  • Stop dumping the air, and save air conditioning costs too.
  • Match the machine to the load. Save 20-50%
  • Replace with fine bubble and modify blowers, save 20-50%
  • Depending on how much the inlet valve is shut, you could save 15-50%
  • Inlet dampers save a little when the flow goes down, but not much. Save 20-50%
  • Discharge dampers are the least efficient way to control fans & blowers. Save 20-50%
  • Modify the machine to provide the flow and pressure the process needs and save 20-50%

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