Step one: Estimate operating costs
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Step two: Review optimization checklists
Identify potential opportunities for efficiency improvement using the optimization checklists below.

Optimization Checklists

After estimating your system operating costs, use the optimization checklist to identify potential opportunities to improve performance, boost productivity and reduce costs.

  • Pumps that are running backwards
  • Pumps with worn seals
  • Pumps with recurring problems that hamper production
  • Pumps with a suction lift that loose their prime when shut down, or cavitate
  • Pumps that work against excessive system pressure
  • Pumps with a mismatched impeller
  • Pump systems with bypass control
  • Pumps systems with spill control
  • Pump systems controlled by discharge valves
  • Pumps that overload unless they are throttled

  • Interchange two wires, and boost pump performance 50%
  • Replacing worn seals can boost performance and save 5-15%
  • Motor Systems can and should be problem free. Find and fix the root problem
  • Designs that can't be shut off because they loose their prime waste money when they are running but not needed
  • Keep intake screens, filters, nozzles, and coils clean to assure adequate flow
  • Use a pump with a more efficient impeller. Save 10-30%
  • Stop bypassing flow and save 20-50%
  • The river water may be free, but pumping and treating it costs money. Save 20-50%
  • Discharge valves are the least efficient way to control pumps. Save 20-50%
  • Modify the machine to provide the flow and pressure the process needs and save 20-50%. Consider trimming the impeller

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