Online Training

Training seminars on energy efficiency and how to optimize industrial systems are now available on-demand with Productive Energy Solutions’ online training. See our latest course catalog. Below is a short introduction and sample of our online offerings.


Choose your training! Choose to train only the skills relevant to your field, or enroll in a bundle of courses to gain a real mastery.

Convenience and control! No matter your shift or schedule, your interactive course remembers where you left off. Close a session at home, and pick it up again at your work computer or during lunch-break on your mobile device.

Engaging! Navigate your own path through the interactive courses. Recognize mistakes with immediate feedback from fast-paced activities. Tool tutorials put relevant software directly in your hands for meaningful learning-experiences that you can apply in the field.  Analyze animated graphs, and take immersive tours of 3D simulated systems. Live webinars get your unique questions answered fast!

Increase your expertise, or the expertise of your whole team! Don’t go alone; learning is social. Enroll your whole team to build stronger unit identity.  No team? No problem: our training forum gives you direct access to other experts-in-training! You are just a few clicks away from 24 hour access to others in your industry.

Hey, Human Resources! Consider a subscription to streamline new-employee integration! Our courses make it easy to verify qualifications and fill-in experience dark-spots for every new hire. Contact us to build a custom bundle of courses, complete with a forum exclusive to your company.

Enroll in an online course today!

  • Get access to exclusive tools like the motor slide calculator
  • Network with other industry professionals using our forum
  • Train to be the expert your industry needs.