Onsite Training

Productive Energy Solutions offers seminars and workshops on the optimization of industrial systems, energy efficiency, and renewable energy applications. 

We tailor the material to address your needs in a variety of formats - including one-hour introductions, daylong technical workshops, and in-depth classes.

What do we offer?

Seminars & Workshops

Productive Energy Solutions has conducted more than 100 training events in the United States and around the world. Here's a sampling of our most popular seminars and workshops:

  • Optimization of Fan, Pump, Blower and Compressor Systems
    Learn ways to avoid inefficiencies and save 20-40% on operating costs.
  • RETScreen Renewable Energy Software
    Learn how to use free software that will help you compare different technologies and select the most effective option for your company.
  • Cost-effective Motor Repair Decisions
    This course shows you how to decide the right time to buy a new motor and reduce unplanned downtime and breakdowns by 50%.
  • Electric Motors and Adjustable Speed Drives
    Learn when and when not to use an adjustable speed drive and get the most benefit from your capital outlay.
  • Building Operator Certification Training
    This pro-active course will show you how to achieve cost-effective operation of your mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Effective Compressed Air Systems
    We'll show you how proper system control can ensure reliable operation and save your facility 20-40% on operating costs.
  • Practical Renewable Energy Applications
    Get unbiased advice on choosing cost-effective renewable energy sources that can lower your operating costs and provide valuable marketing benefits for your organization.

Who takes our courses?

Anyone interested in improving the productivity of their energy systems:

  • Building owners and operators
  • Architects and engineers
  • Plant managers
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Utility staff

Schedule Training/Consultation or Begin Online Training

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