MotorSlide Calculator

To help you decide on premium-efficiency motors, you need a good tool. You could start from scratch with equations and calculations. You could buy software. Or you could get our simple and easy-to-use tool.


  • A hand-held tool for making motor decisions simple
  • Now an online tool for making motor decisions simple
Working with the Motor Decisions Matter campaign, Productive Energy Solutions has developed the MotorSlide Calculator™ to meet this need. MotorSlide is a simple, accurate, proven, hand-held tool for calculating motor costs and savings. Pocket-sized and easy to use, this informational tool will provide quick answers to your motor questions including recommended efficiency guidelines.

Online version (registration required) of the calculator.

Find out how to get a free copy of the hand-held version.


MotorSlide provides essential data for making informed motor decisions

  • Annual electric costs - Shows you how much motors really cost to operate. MotorSlide covers motors from 1 to 200 hp over a wide range of utility rates
  • Cost savings - Calculate the financial benefits of upgrading to a more efficient motor. The calculator gives savings for 3,000 and 8,000 hours per year operation
  • Efficiency guidelines - Helps you select motors that meet EPACT or NEMA Premium® efficiency levels. Guidelines are given for both Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled and Open Drip Proof motors

Over 30,000 MotorSlide calculators are already in use across the country. They have been used in United Nations sponsored training courses around the world. Our customers use the MotorSlide Calculator to promote the use of Premium-efficiency motors, and with custom printing available to put their company logo or other information on the front flap, they're increasing their name recognition as well. Click here to see some of the different custom-printed versions that are being used by our customers.


Simplicity and Convenience

  • MotorSlide is easy to use. By following along with the sample problem inside the flap, many can master all the functions in less than ten minutes. It's also conveniently sized


  • Why rely on complicated equations or software packages? Productive Energy Solutions has already done the math and checked the calculations – which are accurate to within two percent. For additional assurance, professional engineers and motor program managers working with the MDM campaign have verified MotorSlide results


If you are a US-based commercial or industrial facility and would like a sample of the hand-held MotorSlide Calculator, give us a call at (608) 232-1861 or email us. If you are served by one of our partner organizations listed below, contact them through your customer service representative to request a copy.

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